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You can participate in Mobilefest being in the same lane with technology giants and leading IT brands increasing your brand awareness together with new customers and sales & export opportunities.


By being among the sponsors of Mobilefest, you can rapidly expand your business network and add value to your brand with many benefits such as visibility in all channels, being at the forefront during the exhibition, being a speaker in conference or seminar programs to share your product, service and experiences with the industry.


By visiting Mobilefest, you can have the chance to see and experience the local and global developments in many technologies such as 5G, Smart Cities, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security.


In the Mobilefest Conference program, you can develop your expertise as a listener, increase your knowledge and gain new insights by listening to influential keynote speakers, thought leaders and prominent topics in the digital technology ecosystem.


Mobilefest 2021 is a technology trade show bringing service and technology providers, entrepreneurs, developers and tech brands together with local and global companies, corporate buyers and investors  to help them find the right solutions, right partners and create new business opportunities.