What You Need to Know About Mobile Gaming Technology at Mobilefest

Mobilefest, world’s first mobile application Expo will bring together all the players of mobile app world such as, mobile app producers, application markets, digital services, service and infrastructure providers and application markets. More than 60 thousands B2B and B2C visitors are exchanging information for development of the sector at Mobilefest where competitions, workshops and launches are made.

You can follow mobile app sector which is developing both in Turkey and world in each day and gives results above the expectations much closer with Mobilefest and join this excitement of the atmosphere full of innovations. How about getting ready for Mobilefest expo with the most remarkable information in our country and the world while mobile gaming technology development without stopping? We have listed all you need to know about mobile gaming technologies at Mobilefest.

Motion Control Technology

With the motion control technology, which is accepted as a unique technology, you can easily play games by making the determined movements with your hands in front of the 3D camera which has the watching capacity to many different points. This technology, which attracts the user to the game in a different way, using hand gestures make the game much more enjoyable.

Virtual Reality Technology Google Cardboard

Virtual reality technology, one of the most important developments in the mobile gaming world, has extended to the VR versions of popular console and PC games. Virtual reality technology, which has easily gotten a movement area in the mobile gaming world, especially for the Google Cardboard move, now has many different versions with headset sets that can be easily owned. Moreover, new ones are added to these games every day.

Life Practice with Augmented Reality Technology

Although not as much virtual reality technology, augmented reality technology has an important place in the world of mobile gaming. AR technology, in which different games are created by placing virtual objects in the real world, provides important usage areas for both developers and players in terms of different mobile gaming techniques.

Graphic Developments

In the world of mobile gaming, if you go back a few years; you can see how quickly and dramatically the graphics developed. For the industry developing very successfully with powerful processors, 6-8 core GPUs, ultra-fast and HD displays in mobile games are now more likely to face higher quality textures and breathtaking visuals. These high-quality graphics developments seem to increase rapidly in the mobile gaming industry.

Mobile Gaming Industry and Growing Budgets

In 2018, 74% of the price spent by users within the application markets was for mobile games. In addition, 95% of spending of users for mobile games is in-app purchases. The remaining 5% of this rate corresponds to paid games. Mobile games, which have an enormous income, compose 33% of mobile application download in 2018. These developments, which occurred at a great speed in mobile games, create an incredible opportunity for the technological development of the sector. While The mobile game industry in the world reaching $ 140 billion budget last year, Turkey has spent $ 240 million for mobile games. This figure is likely to increase much faster for both the world and Turkey.

Developments in Smartphone Industry

The fact that the smartphone industry has improved dramatically every year compared to the previous year has a direct impact on the mobile gaming industry. The technological and marketing developments in the smartphone sector increase the interest in mobile games and contribute to the development of the sector. By the year 2021, the number of smartphones used worldwide is expected to reach around 3.8 billion.