What Are the 2021 Technology Trends? What Trends Will Stand Out This Year?

2020 has undoubtedly been an unprecedented year of turmoil, uncertainty and depression for all of us. The Covid-19 pandemic we were caught extremely unprepared for, also brought about major changes in our lives. Every sector has more or less had its share of this pandemic, which has considerably changed our needs and consumption habits. Experts agree that a literally brand-new “digital age” has begun in the process that has developed with the Covid-19 pandemic. So, let’s all look at how this new era, whose development we are witnessing at every moment, has transformed the world of technology specific to 2021.

2021 Technology Trends

The digital age we are in is a period of radical changes in many sectors, including finance, marketing, health, tourism and education, and will continue to be. These changes, which owe their existence largely to artificial intelligence technologies based on data analysis, will continue to increase in 2021 without slowing down.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has been one of the areas that attracted the most attention in the last 10 years. But it still remains one of the new technology trends. Allowing computers to do the work that people do by using their intelligence, artificial intelligence technology is used today in many areas, from health analysis and patient treatment to voice assistants, from navigation to e-commerce. The fact that it has a wide range of uses increases investment in artificial intelligence. According to data from recent research, global spending on cognitive systems in the artificial intelligence market will not only achieve $ 51 billion in 2021, but will reach over $ 190 billion in 2025.

Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, is also used in many industries today. There is an ever-increasing demand for machine learning which means that electronic devices analyze historical data and draw conclusions from them and create or develop a new behavior according to their results. Forrester predicts that the fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation will account for 9% of new occupations in the United States by 2025.

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Internet Of Behavior

The global pandemic, which is still ongoing, has seriously affected some of our attitudes towards life, even if we do not notice it, and has led to an increase in trends in understanding and directing people’s behavior using technology. So much so that the “Internet of Things”, one of the fashion tech trends of recent years, is no longer alone. Another technology trend that we will begin to hear more often in 2021 is also accompanying it: the Internet of Behavior.

Internet of Behaviors (IoB), which means the collection and use of data to direct behavior, is yet a very new concept. Attracted attention because of Gartner’s rating it among the world’s largest strategic technology trends for 2021, IoB includes collecting data and making sense of it in the digital world and reusing that data for people.

According to Gartner’s estimates, by 2023, the individual activities of 40% of the world’s population will be digitally monitored to influence our behavior. By the end of 2025, more than 50% of the world’s population will be exposed to at least one IoB program, whether from a government or a private company.


5G (5. generation mobile internet connection) is one of the innovative technologies that will affect many areas of our lives. 5G technology, which will provide data transmission approximately 10 times faster than 4G, will create revolutionary changes in many areas, especially virtual reality applications, thanks to the increasing speed. Along with 5G, it is predicted that technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality will become an inseparable part of our lives.

There are many countries in the world that have switched to 5G. Turkey’s works on this issue continues at a great pace. According to experts, 2021 will be a critical year for 5G. Considering the statements of the authorities, we can say that our transition to 5G is close.

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Internet From Space

The Starlink project, developed by SpaceX, which provides space exploration and space transportation services founded by Elon Musk, to provide satellite internet access, will take the world’s internet use issue to a completely different dimension.

SpaceX aims to deliver high-quality broadband internet with Starlink. For this purpose, the first 60 satellites were sent into space together with the Falcon 9 rocket on May 24, 2019. This project, which will consist of 42 thousand satellites in total, was first mentioned by Elon Musk in 2015.

The main goal of the Starlink project is to design a satellite chain to provide the fastest and most economical broadband internet service in the world globally, which will deliver high-quality internet to even the most isolated parts of the planet with low latency.


Financial technology, also known as Fintech is an innovative technology that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. Using technology to improve operations in finance, Fintech includes the use of smartphones for mobile banking, investment, borrowing services and cryptocurrency, as well as the technologies needed to make financial services more accessible to the whole of society.

According to research in Turkey, the Fintech sector, which had an investment size of 4.6 million dollars in 2012, reached 29 million dollars in 2016. According to a research in 2018, there are more than 200 Fintech companies in Turkey and these companies have a size of 15 billion dollars. The fact that the global pandemic began last year has a positive impact on approaches to Fintech and alternative payments. It is also considered as a signal that the Fintech sector will gain momentum in 2021.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain is the main technology behind Bitcoin, which we have heard often in recent years and known as crypto or electronic money. With blockchain technology, standing out for its speed and reliability, money flow is confirmed from many sources at the same time. In blockchain technology, where no one can interfere in the current record, account activities are digitally signed. Moreover, you do not need a trusted third party to audit or validate transactions with blockchain.

Blockchain is currently used in various industries and interest in this technology is growing day by day. According to experts, it will be one of the outstanding technology trends of 2021.

Extended Reality

We often hear the concepts of augmented reality and virtual reality in recent years. Extended reality, in short XR, is the result of coming together of all these technologies (augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality). Expanded reality gathers the physical and virtual world together, and creates a riveting experience atmosphere for the user.

Interest in extended reality technology is growing day by day, which is used in many sectors such as entertainment, marketing, education, real estate. Its fame will probably not be limited to 2021, and we will hear the name of this technology more often in the coming years.

Wearable Technologies

Put simply, wearable technology is all kinds of electronic devices designed to attach to the user’s body. The most famous of these devices, which have become an indispensable part of users’ daily lives, are next generation watches and smart glasses.

Wearable technologies are used currently in many areas, especially in sectors such as health (sphygmomanometer, ECG viewer, hearing aids, etc.), sports (pedometer, smart watches, etc.), informatics and entertainment (smart glasses, bluetooth headset, etc.).

The rapid adoption of such devices places wearable technology at the forefront in the “Internet of Things” race, that is why the investment in wearable technology is increasing day by day. It seems that 2021 will be a year when the demand for wearable technologies will increase and innovation in this field will accelerate.

Robot Assistants

Robots will no doubt surround us more in 2021. Perform daily repetitive tasks by artificial intelligence, Robots understand commands and do their duties using technologies such as machine learning or deep learning. Even robot assistants with competencies such as observation and data analysis can make predictions and give recommendations to users.

The usage areas of robot assistants are increasing day by day. The biggest advantage of robot assistants doing many jobs such as providing information on issues such as banking and social events, setting meetings by looking at the calendar, setting alarms, playing music, is that they solve many works smoothly in a very short time.

According to Gartner, financial robot assistants will be able to perform 15% of customer interactions on behalf of customers by 2024, This rate is extremely important in terms of giving an idea of how much this technology can affect our lives in the future.

As a result, 2020 has shown us how some problems that we have never encountered before and do not expect to encounter can affect all humanity. If the things we have to struggle with are not like those in our old life, then new means of struggle are needed for new problems. That’s what technology is for!