Measures to be taken within the framework of Mobilefest 2023 – Covid 19.

The measures to be taken against the Covid-19 pandemic at the Mobilefest – Communication Technologies Fair and conference to be held at the Istanbul Congress Center between 26 -28 January, 2023 will be implemented in accordance with the standards set by T.O.B.B and the Ministry of Health, the details are as follows:

All entrances and exits of the fair area will be taken under control.
Participants, visitors and officials will use masks at the entrance to the fairground and in the fairground. There will be enough masks to be given in case of need.
It will be mandatory local exhibitors and visitors to get the HES code to enter the fairground and the HES code will be queried before the entrance. For foreign exhibitors and visitors, PSR negative report taken 48 hours before will be required
Measures will be taken to measure the temperature of participants, visitors and officials at the entrance to the fairground. Those with a fever of 38 degrees and above will not be allowed to enter the fair and they will be directed to the health institution.
Patients, exhibitors and staff showing signs of illness will not be admitted to the fairground.
Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance to the fairground and at the stands.
The number of people, including exhibitors, visitors and officials, will be arranged as one person per 10m2 in the fairground. When this capacity is reached, no new visitors will be accepted, and those at the door will be kept waiting according to the social distance rule.
The rules to be followed within the scope of Covid-19 will be conveyed at regular intervals with announcements, videos, digital screens and boards in the fairground.
Newspapers, magazines, etc. will not be kept inside for common use. Only brochures presented at the stands individually by exhibitors will be allowed.