The Role of Teams in Successful Entrepreneurship Idea

The  Role  of  Teams  in  Successful  Entrepreneurship  Idea 

21 January 2023, Saturday

The Role of Teams in Successful Entrepreneurship Idea


When we look at the companies that have done successful work, we see that they started out as a startup with a good team at the beginning of everything. However, there are many startup companies that experience failure while they are still on the road. The biggest reason behind these failures is the lack of harmony between the members of the team and the idea of ​​​​the initiative or the conflicts due to the idea not adopted by the team members. In order for the idea developed by the startup to be successful, teams that can work together and develop the idea together are needed.


Different talents are needed at all stages from perfecting entrepreneurial ideas to putting them into practice and then launching products or services. Considering the most distinctive features of successful startups, it stands out that each member of the team is both skilled in their own field and inclined to work as a team.


No matter how great the business idea is, if your team members do not have knowledge of marketing and sales strategy, the probability of the idea to be successful is very low. Of course, not every business model consists of marketing and sales. For example, for a technology-centered idea and a startup created in this direction, the presence of an expert software developer in the team will help quickly solve the problems that may occur in adapting the entrepreneurial idea to the market.


A successful startup should make the right analysis and determinations for the problems it claims to solve with the entrepreneurial idea it has developed, and get to know the people who are affected by the issues that it thinks are problems, as they can be potential customers. It enables the entrepreneurial idea to be successful by influencing the purchasing decisions of customers with the values ​​it attributes to its products or services.


Since the business models of startups are shaped around entrepreneurship ideas, the formation of a strong bond between the team and the idea is important in terms of removing the obstacles in front of the startup. The way to create a successful startup within the entrepreneurship ecosystem is to establish a team that is an expert as well as a team whose members understand each other. The biggest indicator of this is that even investors invest not only in the idea but also in the team behind it when investing in a startup idea.


Creating a Free Work Environment


Freedom in managing an enterprise, as in many areas of life, is actually finding the right balance. In startups, too little or too much freedom can disrupt the dynamics of the team to a point where things get worse. The point to be considered is to ensure that each member of the team is independent in their own work. Each department, independently of each other, should try to do their part in the best possible way with the goal of achieving a common goal.


It should be a priority for all team members to focus on the quality of the work and act in cooperation without interfering with each other's work styles and duties. Team members must be able to work at any stage without being influenced or pressured to show all their creativity. There is a free working environment in all startup companies that successfully develop and implement their startup ideas.


It should also be noted that the warnings that may be encountered during the process can sometimes be perceived as an intervention to the work itself or the freedom of the team member. Team harmony is at the highest level in startups that create a free working environment for their teams. In such an initiative, everyone tries to maximize their contribution to the team by taking more responsibility for their duty.


Creating a Democratic Environment


It is in the nature of startup companies to always favor change and innovation. Developments and advances in the history of humanity have been realized thanks to the democratic environment. Entrepreneurs today continue to develop the democratic environment while leading progress.


Team members gathered around a startup idea cannot always be expected to think alike. The discussions that will emerge from these differences in thinking should feed the startups and new solutions should be produced and the way to success should be paved.


But many startups today are driven to failure because of these differences of opinion. Teams should be able to discuss in a democratic environment in order to find a solution to the disagreements. So problems are solved quickly.


In the culture of entrepreneurship, democratic behavior should always be taken while the members who will form the team are selected, decisions are made and team members are distributed to their duties. The success of the startup company is directly affected by the democratic environment it has.


Of course, it is not a coincidence that the most important startup companies in the entrepreneurship ecosystem were established in countries with advanced democracy and achieved success worldwide. Many European capitals and Silicon Valley in the United States are incubation centers for entrepreneurial ideas and startups. When we look at the most important common points of these locations, it can be easily seen that the democratic environment improves the perspectives of people.


Incorporating Diversity


Each different experience and competence in the team adds more value to the entrepreneurial idea. It will not be the same ones in every way that will lead the startup to success, but the team members who will innovate, differentiate and move the idea forward. The diversity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem is one of the important components of the startup culture.


Team members should at least have the following diversity for an initiative that grows a little more each day and makes rapid progress in achieving its goals; those who have worked in different sectors, new graduates, those with experience in business life, young people. Even this diversity does not fully reflect what it should be. But most importantly, team members must be committed to working around the idea of ​​the venture.




Working models with high motivation are another factor that enables startups to be successful. Entrepreneurial ideas generally require taking risks, and with that risk, the entrepreneurial idea can either succeed or fail. The important thing is to continue on the road with the belief in the initiative and high motivation even after the failure. It is known that many companies that are in a successful position today have failed many times, especially during startups.


Both success and failure tend to occur periodically for startups. Failures that occur can lead to changes in the business plan or even a reconsideration of the venture idea. If the team has a strong motivation, this failure can pave the way for the development of the entrepreneurial idea and to continue on the road in a stronger way.


Every startup needs both a motivating goal and highly motivated teams working to achieve that goal. Highly motivated teams specialize in perpetuating success by learning from failures. With each passing day, teams can learn and start-ups can continue on their way by getting stronger, with a commitment to the idea of ​​​​entrepreneurship and high motivation.


The success of the startup idea is directly related to the selection of the right team members. When we look at the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey, it can be seen that it grows and develops rapidly. The number of startups established, the investments received by startups and the fact that they have opened up to the global also confirm this development. New startups who want to benefit from such an environment need to do the right planning and the right team.


It is unlikely to reach a position or make a lot of money immediately in new ventures. It is necessary to work for long hours, days or even years to put things in order and to leave the anxiety of failure behind. It is possible to get through this whole process and achieve success with teams that have high motivation, diversity, and a free and democratic working environment.


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