Technologies to be Directed by Artificial Intelligence

Technologies  to  be  Directed  by  Artificial  Intelligence 

21 January 2023, Saturday

Technologies to be Directed by Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence technology has started to be used to meet the needs in many areas of life. The results show that more efficiency can be obtained from this technology, which can easily meet the expectations. Artificial intelligence engineering is also rapidly developing new technologies and looking for ways to take advantage of it in more areas of our lives. In some countries, especially in the United States, legal regulations can be made in areas touched by this technology in order to pave the way for artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence, which is starting to find more and more place in our lives every day, continues to surprise us with the applications it comes across. As artificial intelligence enters real life from areas where fictional worlds such as movies, games and books take place, predictions about what the future will be like begin to become more evident. Of course, all the work is done to make people's life easier and to improve their living standards. It is not difficult to predict some future artificial intelligence technologies from today.


Driverless Vehicle Technologies


Robot technology and artificial intelligence develop by feeding each other. It is a known fact that artificial intelligence develops as it is used. The more it learns, the more it improves its functionality and produces better solutions. The field of use of artificial intelligence, which will have access to more information over time, will also expand.


The field where it will become more functional with the knowledge it has is undoubtedly the tools. As the roads traveled by vehicles without drivers increase, it will be possible to go farther than ever before. When the driver obligation disappears, a faster and safer artificial intelligence will be used. The fact that artificial intelligence does not have sleep and fatigue problems and obeys traffic rules shows that driverless vehicles can be easily preferred in terms of speed and safety.


Disease Treatment Technologies


No matter how well we live our lives, a standard of living in which our health is not good is the biggest obstacle to our peace. When the most important issue is health, the area where artificial intelligence is most wanted to be used is health. Artificial intelligence is expected to provide solutions to many problems in this sector in the future.


When we look at the health sector, it is seen that the most problematic situation today is the difficulty of detecting and early diagnosis of diseases. The technology that will enable the patient to be monitored continuously outside the hospital without showing any symptoms will be a big step in preventing this difficulty. Annual, monthly and even daily and hourly follow-up of patients for some diseases and analysis of the obtained data by artificial intelligence are among the expected technological developments. In this way, intervention can be made at the right time for many diseases and the treatment process can proceed much healthier.


Although data can be tracked through wearable technology products for some basic functions today, it is very difficult to make sense of these data without seeing a doctor. Artificial intelligence engineering seeks to produce new solutions to overcome this challenge.


Voice Assistant Technologies


Assistant devices such as Google Home and Alexa, which work with the voice command system, are expected to turn into more personal assistants with the developments in artificial intelligence. The idea of​​being able to communicate with these devices using a more natural language is quite exciting. As AI gets better at machine learning, it can also figure out how to communicate with humans.


Being able to talk in dialogue with voice assistant devices means that our needs can be met more easily and accurately. The idea of ​​being able to take Google Home or Alexa and chat as if you were a real person in the near future is just one of the reasons we look forward to the development of artificial intelligence.


Retail Technologies


The use of artificial intelligence in the retail industry can become an important tool when combined with the right strategies. Artificial intelligence technology is a field that is frequently used today, especially for interacting with customers. Campaigns can be created and managed with artificial intelligence in the retail sector. In this way, customer experiences, whether in the physical or digital environment, can become much more effective.


By using artificial intelligence and robot technology together, it can create works that will benefit both the customer and the brand for the retail industry in the future. For example, a digital locker cabinet in the store can provide convenience and time savings for the customer. The same situation can return as a positive gain that increases the interaction with the customer for the brand.


Communication Technologies


The unstoppable progress of artificial intelligence continues unabated, and at the end of the day, this development will affect all sectors. Those who are aware of this inevitable fact today and can integrate their activities with artificial intelligence technology will be the most profitable ones from this process. Because it is considered certain that artificial intelligence will change and improve the way people communicate.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, significant developments are expected in communication technologies such as voice recognition and dictation technology. This development in communication will undoubtedly increase productivity in the sectors. All industries will give artificial intelligence more chances in their marketing strategies. All these communication technologies developed by artificial intelligence can be applied to mobile applications, websites or stores to create brand new communication channels.

Online Chat Technologies


Online chat systems, which offer a personalized user experience to customers, are among the most frequently used artificial intelligence applications today. Customers often do not even realize that they are facing an artificial intelligence with robotic technology. Although the problem-solving skills of these chat technologies, which can provide general information about the general needs of the customers, are limited, they can meet simple needs.


With the level that artificial intelligence will reach in the future, these chatbots that communicate with the customer are expected to interact much better. It is inevitable that the customer will give smarter answers to the questions asked and even act more strategically and make moves that will direct the customer to the sale. Of course, artificial intelligence technology will need to constantly renew and develop itself in order to respond to the changing needs every day.


Where is the Need for Artificial Intelligence?


“What is artificial intelligence?” There is an answer that everyone can give to the question for a long time, but the real introduction of this technology into our lives is still very new. In terms of basic functions, almost everyone has simple artificial intelligence applications. Businesses must also prepare for larger scale and more advanced AI technologies. Because there is not a single sector that will not benefit from this technology and will not work.

Just as a brand with a simple chatbot that drives sales on its website today facilitates communication with its customers and can profit from it, brands using a much more functional model of this will make greater profits tomorrow.


Almost everyone agrees that our lives will get better as advanced artificial intelligence technologies become more involved in our world. The more capable these technologies are, the more comfortable we will be in meeting our needs. In order to have this convenience faster and with a higher level of sophistication, more emphasis should be placed on machine learning.


According to a study, the worldwide money spent on artificial intelligence technology by companies and governments will exceed 500 billion dollars by 2023. Many people who think that AI technology is ideal for automating daily, routine, repetitive tasks may not like the amount of money spent. However, studies reveal that technologies that can imitate even creativity can emerge.



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