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Turkey is the world's 8th largest mobile application market

Global Mobile Application Ecosystem

  • The fee paid directly to app markets (App Store and Google Play) is $ 92.1 billion in 2018
  • Total turnover of APP Sector in 2018 is 92.1 Billion $
  • The sector is expected to reach $ 140 billion to $ 300 billion in 2021, according to different estimates.
  • 36% of Internet users connect to the Internet from their desktop or laptop, 62% from mobile devices and 3% from their tablets.
  • By 2021, the total number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to reach 3.8 billion.

Global Mobile Application Ecosystem Parameters

  • Number of applications downloaded in 2018 was 205 Billion.*
  • The number of downloadable applications in mobile application markets exceeded 6 million.
  • 18-24 age group is the highest smartphone user group with 66% and 55-64 age group is the lowest smartphone user group with 46%. The largest percentage in all age groups is the use of smartphones. Computer use is declining rapidly.
  • A mobile user feels the need to check his phone every 6 minutes on average!
  • An average smartphone user has more than 80 apps on their phone and uses close to 40 of them. *
  • *Statista *App Annie

Mobile Application Ecosystem In Turkey

  • According to the Appanni report, Turkey is the world's 8th largest mobile application market, the domestic application rate of% 14.
  • According to the Appanni report, the total money payed for applications in Turkey in 2018 is $300 million. Also the growth rate is 56%.
  • While the IOS – Android rate is 36% & 64% globally, the rate in turkey is 18% & 82%. Google is the most dominant platform.
  • Users in Turkey spend a minimum of 3 hours on mobile devices. They stand in 4th place among G20 countries with 61.1% mobile internet usage.*
  • Turkey is one of the 10 countries in which smartphone penetration and consumer numbers rising the most.
  • There are 51 million social media users in Turkey and 44 million of these users connect to social media via mobile devices. *Reference: gs.statcounter.com
  • *App Annie *App Annie *Statcounter

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