8 Things Mobilefest Will Add to You

8  Things  Mobilefest  Will  Add  to  You 

9 January 2023, Monday

Mobilefest, which will be held on 21-24 November 2019 as the world's first mobile application exhibition will bring together first mobile applications, service-infrastructure providers, application markets, lots, mobile devices and digital services. In Mobile Fest, the first expo of the mobile application ecosystem, launches, competitions, sweepstakes, summits, workshops and more content is waiting for more than 60 thousands B2B and B2C exhibitors. So, what does this large-scale exhibition promise you?

1) User Increase

One of the biggest advantages of joining Mobilefest is that you will get measurable customer growth. You will be able to follow up with the number of downloads of your application during Mobilefest.

2) Your Mobile Application Will Be At the Top

As an exhibitor, the mobile applications of the brands that will take place in Mobilefest will have the chance to go top places organically in the App Store and Google Play Store.

3) Opportunity to Get New Customers

Mobilefest is a very special organization that brings together brands and their representatives. In addition, many influencers and celebrities will take part in the exhibition. This will increase the organic interaction rate of the brands and enabling the process to reach millions of people with this interaction.

4) PR and Advertisement in Media

A large number of launches, promotions and campaigns will be organized at Mobilefest. Therefore, local and international media will be at the exhibition. Mobilefest, which will be featured in many magazines, newspapers and web sites, participating brands will have the opportunity to make their own PR and advertisements.

5) Reach the Target Audience Directly

By participating in Mobilefest, you have the chance to reach your target audience directly. Therefore, the campaigns you organize will be very effective in this sense.

6) Turnover Increase

You can also consider Mobilefest as an investment for your brand. You can organize campaigns special for only Mobilefest and contribute to your turnover increase.

7) Opportunity to Meet Potential Investors

Dozens of investors and international fund managers will take their place in Mobilefest. This means a great opportunity for your brand. You can find chances to tell yourself and your brand at first-hand.

8) Finding a Market Place in Turkey

If you are a foreign company, Mobilefest is an excellent opportunity for entry into Turkey and EMEA market. If you plan to invest, you can find the right investment channel by participating in Mobilefest.


25-27 April, 2024
10:00 - 17:00
(UTC +3)
İstanbul Kongre Merkezi
Harbiye Mahallesi, Darülbedai Cd.
No:3, 34367