His Fuarcılık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. (ExpoHIS) is a HIS GROUP company which designs unique and innovative events thanks to its dynamic and young team, international power, industry experience and power of technology.

Having a domestic exhibition organizing licence, ExpoHIS collaborates with major regional and sectoral exhibitions in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Tourism sectors, carries out their representations in Turkey as well as organizing its own exhibitions in emerging sectors like technology and golf.

ExpoHIS also provides virtual fair infrastructure solutions and digital marketing services under HISVIRTUAL and HISONLINEEVENTS brands.


HIS GROUP operates in more than 10 sectors including Tourism, Hotel Management, Theme Parks, Energy, Banking, Robotics and Fairs, with 192 different companies, 16.000+ employees, 374 offices in 204 cities and 65 countries.

HIS, which started its commercial life in Tokyo by its founder Hideo Sawada in 1980, has developed very rapidly and spread to a wide geography becoming the 8th largest travel agency in the world as of now.

Founded in 2005, HIS Turkey, which is connected to Turkey and Ankara office with Iran, Greece, Azerbaijan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates has been serving in the tourism sector and located among Turkey’s top 10 tour operators.

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