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World's best motion tracking technology

Accurate recognition of user’s actions using artificial intelligence (AI)

100% certified gesture recognition rate

Fast motion recognition speed of 16.73 fps

Provides customized UI conforming to international standards (IEEE 3079.2)

Intuitive motion correction

Intuitive motion correction provided by visual and audio

Posture correction offered by user’s posture

Stable posture demonstration through the 55-inch front display screen

Provides a useful correction UI on the floor if you cannot keep your eyes on the front

Interactive UI for posture guide

Customized UI according to the user's body type

UI animation to enhance user convenience

Application of projection mapping technology that responds to user's motion

User-friendly UI conforming to international standard (IEEE 3079.2)

Body shape measurement and physical fitness measurement

Workout recommendation through body type measurement

Workout intensity control through physical fitness measurement

Provide customized exercise program according to body type

measurement and physical fitness measurement result

Provide customized UI according to user's height

Rich workout content

140 types of workout movements

7 diet programs and 7 muscle strengthening programs

Continuous exercise program updates monthly

Unmanned system that does not require a coaching trainer

Provides an intuitive UI that anyone can follow if you follow character’s guide

A quick and easy-to-understand guide with 3D character

A detailed explanation of the effects of exercise that anyone can understand.

Provides workout programs by parts of your body according to user’s purpose.

Provides a program that allows users to exercise alone according to the exercise course


For a better quality visual experience, place the device in a horizontal position.
On mobile devices, you can add this page to your home screen and see it in full screen.